Lincoln Local Group

About Us

The Lincoln Local Group actively supports the work of the RSPB in the local community and involves RSPB members and the wider public in raising awareness of the Society's campaigns, conservation work, public affairs, education, fund-raising and other activities.

Lincoln Local Group Committee:

Group Leader: Peter Skelson
Treasurer: Graham Mumby-Croft
Secretary: Stewart Foster
Indoor Programme Secretary: Jane McAdoo
Field Meetings: Mike Willey & Geoff Styles
Membership: Mel Thorn & Roger Cargill
Fund Raising: Colin Goulding
Sponsorship: Heather Dowson
Volunteers Organiser: Position Vacant
Publicity: Mike Catchpole
Committee Member: Fiona McKenna


Second-hand book sales: Wendy and Michael Hinks

To contact any of the above individuals by e-mail use their names in the following format:

For general enquiries use info instead of firstname.lastname

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